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Re: [subversive-dev] New problems when using "Compare with branch..."

Regarding this issue I've made the following three changes:

* "Ignore ancestry" option for compare with branch/tag/URL (bug 508231)
* Proper SVNDiffStatus order when deletion and addition are reported for the same nodes (bug 508235)
* Two-way and three-way compare should display "deletion+addition" pairs properly when they're reported instead of "replacement" (bug 508236)

The first one is the original problem you've reported. Now you will be able to compare unrelated trees properly by selecting "Ignore ancestry" option.
The other two changes are related to another problem that has become visible on your test case. Actually, the nodes should not have been displayed in compare viewer as deletions. SVN client reported a pair of statuses for each node: deletion and addition. The reason why it is a pair of DELETED+ADDED statuses and not a single REPLACED status - I don't know, at least for the files not in the "newpackage" (also two-way compare receives it as REPLACED status, probably because it is not a comparison against working copy). On the other hand such a way of reporting actually could be useful in case when not just content, but the node kind too was changed (file deleted, folder with the same name/path added or vice versa).
So, the issue with visualization should be fixed and because it is reasonable to handle "DELETED+ADDED" pairs as is, I've made it so that it will show pairs of nodes (or trees in case similar to "newpackage" of your test case): one for deletion and one for addition.

I've added screenshots of comparison results. JavaHL is a "reference" ones, since all the statuses reported properly by it, while SVN Kit somehow forgets to report the ADDED status for "newpackage". Also please take note that JavaHL reports property change for folders (most likely due to commit, since there are revision property changes), while SVN Kit does not.

04.11.2016 10:10, Florent Angebault пишет:
Le 02/11/2016 à 14:25, Alexander Gurov a écrit :
- is shown as an incoming deletion while it should not
  shown at all because there is no difference (this is bug [326694]
  but this time without common ancestry)
- is shown as an incoming deletion while it
  should be shown as an incoming change or a conflict
I found a way to improve these two use cases by setting
"IGNORE_ANCESTRY" option (cf. attached patch).
Both and are now shown as
incoming changes (instead of incoming deletion).

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Best regards,
Alexander Gurov,
Subversive Team.

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