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[subversive-dev] New problems when using "Compare with branch..."


our users still encounter problems with the "compare with branch..."
feature (cf. previous threads [1] and [2]). There are many use cases
leading to false positive and even wrong results when comparing the
working copy with a branch. These use cases involve deep hierarchies of
folders with complex combinations of conflicting changes made remotely
and/or locally. Here I describe only a few of these use cases. Hoping
that fixing these ones will be enough to fix the others.

The file fakeproject_svnrepo.tar.gz attached contains a sample SVN repo
that reveals the following problems. Extract it somewhere and then
import the trunk into eclipse. Then start a comparison with "mybranch".

- is shown as an incoming change although there is no
  difference (this is bug [326694])
- is shown as an incoming deletion while it should not
  shown at all because there is no difference (this is bug [326694]
  but this time without common ancestry)
- is shown as an incoming deletion while it
  should be shown as an incoming change or a conflict

Eclipse neon
Subversive SVN Team Provider 4.0.2.I20160902-1700
SVNKit 1.8.12 Implementation (Optional) 6.0.1.I20160627-1700

I'm already trying to investigate this by myself but I would really
appreciate some help from experts. I'd also be happy if someone could
tell me how to debug easily. I'm still new to Eclipse debugging. Last
time I had to debug subversive I used Eclipse's RCP debugger and I had
to re-spawn the whole workbench each time I make a change in
subversive's code. Is there a more efficient way to test my changes?


Florent Angebault
Linagora - Support OSSA

Attachment: fakeproject_svnrepo.tar.gz
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