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[subversive-defects] Enable automatic project share

I'm having a problem with the "Enable automatic project share" setting
in Eclipse.

I checkout a project from Subversion using the Windows svn.exe client.
 Next, I import the project into Eclipse using the import "Existing
Projects into Workspace" wizard.  At this time, the "Package Explorer"
does not display and version control information.  I right-click on
the project and choose "Team -> Share Project" and choose "SVN" from
the "Share Project" window.  I choose the correct repository from the
list of existing repository locations.  At this point, I would expect
that the Subversive plug-in would have detected the existing .svn
data.  However, next the "Enter a project name" window comes up.  I
change the "Project Repository Layout" setting to "use single project
layout" to match the existing projects layout.  When I click "Next"
the "Enter a commit comment" window comes up.  I really don't think I
should be seeing this window since the project is already in
subversion, and I just want Subversive to recognize that.... but to
test things out I clear out the comment and click "Finish".  I now
receive the following message:

The project "subversivetest" already exists in repository and has some
content. To connect the local project to the specified location, the
repository folder content should be checked out. Please consider that
applying local changes can cause resource conflicts. For example, if
local file has the same name as the remote directory the working copy
of the file will be obstructed.  Do you wish to proceed?

... at which point I click "No".

So, am I doing something wrong, or is the automatic project share
feature broken?

Thank you,
Patrick Crocker

Operating System: Windows XP SP3

Eclipse Version: 3.4.1.M20080911-1700
Subversive Team Provider:  0.7.4.I20081001-1900
Subversive SVN Connectors: 2.0.4.I20081001-1900
SVNKit 1.1.7 Implementation: 2.0.4.I20081001-1900

Subversion Server: 1.4.3 (r23084)
Subversion Client: 1.5.0 (r31699)

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