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[subversive-defects] RE: Merge on Synchronize View doesn't work

Hello Seva.

The fact is that it is not a defect.
>From now on and futher we simply do the SVN merge in merge view, but not
just show a preview, as earlier. Now this vew really shows the result of the
merge, allowing the user to make some corrections manually.
It is so also because we do not want to make some hacks to add merge
properties, supported by SVN 1.5, while our manual merge, cause it is really
a job of SVN itself.
So the conception is changed, and there will no be more builds with the
older behaviour.
Sorry for some discomfort, but we think that we do not need to fight with
SVN, but we should do as SVN.

Best regards, Alexei Goncharov.
Subversive Team.

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   1. Merge on Synchronize View doesn't work on 0.7.3 (Seva Lapsha)


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Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2008 13:32:06 +0300
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Subject: [subversive-defects] Merge on Synchronize View doesn't work
	on 0.7.3
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The feature appearing on Properties->Team->SVN->Connector->Merge
Settings->Use SVN Merge View was working until I installed version 0.7.3

In the new version the plug-in first merges the changes while creating
multiple conflicts and then attempts to compare the damaged files with the
target sources.

Thus, the feature became just useless.

Do you have any nightly/integration builds which fix the defect?

Thanks in advance.
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