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[subversive-defects] Subversive 0.7

Hi guys,
    Since there's no "Users" list mentioned in the Eclipse Incubation site, I'm not sure where to address this type of discussion. Please advise if not in this list.
    The Subversive community never seemed to be very active before the migration to Eclipse Incubation, but there was at least some movement. I've been registered to the lists for a long time, and it has been months since the last message was exchanged.
    We recently underwent a migration to Eclipse Ganymede and we wanted to keep Subversive, but it just didn't work. Lots of errors and exceptions. We tried to install Eclipse from scratch, then Subversive, following the instructions on the site. It never worked.
    We finally had to get back to Subclipse which just lacks a lot of functionalities we were so happy about in Subversive.
    So I'm writting this message in hope that there is still some contact to your user base, but that I'm just not aware of, and maybe we can work together to try to win back my team.
Thank you,

Felipe Carasso
Technical Project Leader
Latin America Card Development Group - SIM Applications client/server
Tel: + 1-514-732-2342
Fax: + 1-514-732-2301
3 Place du Commerce, bureau 300
Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H3E 1H7



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