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Re: [stp-dev] SCA Composite Tools is commited

Etienne Juliot wrote:

SCA Composite Tools with the GMF Designer is commited under svn+ssh://

You can test this version, but for test only.
It works on SCA 1.0 XML files.

Etienne Juliot

I'm trying the editor. Very nice!

I have a few comments and questions. I ran into some minor issues:

1. French accented characters in some of the @author tags confuse the IBM JDK on Linux, I had to remove them to be able to load the source in my workspace.

2. I was looking for a "New composite" wizard, found the "initialize addressing_diagram diagram file". It would be good to support "Open With / SCA composite editor" a .composite file.

3. The following composite:
<composite xmlns="";
	targetNamespace="http://hello"; name="Hello">
gives me an blank diagram with no composite in it.

4. Looks like the user needs to add the composite from the palette himself, which seems odd if he's already editing a .composite file.

5. Adding a composite to an existing diagram wipes it out, surprised me a bit and gave me the opportunity to redo the whole composite a second time :)

6. I didn't see right away what "Wire target" was, looks like you meant "Target attribute of a reference".

7. I was not able to delete a "Wire target" from the model.

8. I was not able to enter the QName of a composite implementation.

9. Not all implementations (script and spring for example) seem to be editable.

10. Using sca_1.0 as the ns prefix for Tuscany's extensions to SCA is a little confusing, something like t: or tuscany: would be better.

11. It would be nice if "initialize addressing_diagram file" came with a default layout :)

And have a few questions:

- Are there any plans to introspect a component implementation to automatically show its services and references on a component?

- Any thoughts about how to handle nested composites, like open another editor instance when you double-click a composite component?

- Can the editor handle partially broken diagrams, e.g. a wire with an incorrect target?

- Any thoughts about adding a source tab to the editor?


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