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Re: [stp-dev] SCA Composite Tools is commited

Hi Jean-Sebastien,

Comments inline.

Jean-Sebastien Delfino a écrit :
Etienne Juliot wrote:

SCA Composite Tools with the GMF Designer is commited under svn+ssh://

You can test this version, but for test only.
It works on SCA 1.0 XML files.

Etienne Juliot

I'm trying the editor. Very nice!

I have a few comments and questions. I ran into some minor issues:

1. French accented characters in some of the @author tags confuse the IBM JDK on Linux, I had to remove them to be able to load the source in my workspace.
Fixed. I removed all the accented characters.

2. I was looking for a "New composite" wizard, found the "initialize addressing_diagram diagram file". It would be good to support "Open With / SCA composite editor" a .composite file.
Yes, it exists two ways to create a graphical representation of an SCA composite file:
- using the wizard to create a new SCA diagram or
- creating a graphical representation from an existing SCA composite ("initialize addressing_diagram diagram file" action on a composite file).

I don't think that it's a good approach to propose an action to open a graphical representation of an SCA Composite file. To open the graphical representation of the SCA assembly we need a composite diagram file, and you can open it directly with the SCA Composite Designer.

3. The following composite:
<composite xmlns="";
    targetNamespace="http://hello"; name="Hello">
gives me an blank diagram with no composite in it.
I will investigate on this...

4. Looks like the user needs to add the composite from the palette himself, which seems odd if he's already editing a .composite file.
Ok. I will automatically add the composite representation. I will also remove the composite creation tool from the palette (solution to problem #5 ;)

5. Adding a composite to an existing diagram wipes it out, surprised me a bit and gave me the opportunity to redo the whole composite a second time :)

6. I didn't see right away what "Wire target" was, looks like you meant "Target attribute of a reference".
Yes it is.
We distinguish two types of wire :
- "Wire" to add a wire element.
- "Wire target" to set the target attribute of a reference.

7. I was not able to delete a "Wire target" from the model.
Yes I know, I'm trying to fix it.

8. I was not able to enter the QName of a composite implementation.
Can you give me more information? I can't reproduce this issue.

9. Not all implementations (script and spring for example) seem to be editable.
I can't also reproduce this issue. Do you have any errors in the error log?

10. Using sca_1.0 as the ns prefix for Tuscany's extensions to SCA is a little confusing, something like t: or tuscany: would be better.
Yes. I will improve this.

11. It would be nice if "initialize addressing_diagram file" came with a default layout :)
I will change the label menu from "initialize addressing_diagram file" to "initialize composite_diagram file".
Yes, we need to implement the "arrange all" function (see roadmap [1])

And have a few questions:

- Are there any plans to introspect a component implementation to automatically show its services and references on a component?
Yes. Bogdan (SAP) is planning to do this (see roadmap [1][2])

- Any thoughts about how to handle nested composites, like open another editor instance when you double-click a composite component?
You can do it. On an SCA implementation > right click > open diagram.

- Can the editor handle partially broken diagrams, e.g. a wire with an incorrect target?
I don't know the behavior of the designer in different kind of situations. I will check this.

- Any thoughts about adding a source tab to the editor?
Yes. EBM Websourcing is developing a textual editor for SCA Composite files. We plan to link this editor with our SCA Composite Designer. (see [3])

Thanks a lot for your comments. They are very constructive.

Stéphane Drapeau


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