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Re: [stp-dev] Ongoing STP Development Activities

We'll need to get as much as we can to make the integration build
a bit more useful! Adrian, can you sketch out what needs to be done
on this particular item and put a bugzilla to it?


On 9 Oct 2006, at 10:55, Adrian Skehill wrote:

I can give it a stab, but would like some help from the Rob if he's available to work with me on it.


Vatkov, Bogdan wrote:
Hi Adrian, You mentioned that you will address the SC regarding the integration
build, but what about the Deployment Framework?
Will it be included in the integration build too?
Best regards,
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Hi All,
Following on from our recent initial contribution we have now planning to continue development in Service Creation components in a number of areas, mainly around
  * JAX WS Development and fleshing out what we have
  * WSDL First Mode support
  * Integration with the STP Deployment infrastructure
  * Packaging & Build System Updates
 From the JAX WS Perspective, a number of bugzilla bugs have been
159578 	nor 	P3 	All 	david.beaurpere@xxxxxxxx 	NEW
annotation view needs to be made extensible to new annota...
159579 	nor 	P3 	All 	david.beaurpere@xxxxxxxx 	NEW
annotation wizards: preferences entries are required for ...
159580 	nor 	P3 	All 	david.beaurpere@xxxxxxxx 	NEW
annotation wizards should be optional
159591 	nor 	P3 	All 	david.beaurpere@xxxxxxxx 	NEW
JAX-WS runtime preferences
159592 	nor 	P3 	All 	david.beaurpere@xxxxxxxx 	NEW
"runtimeProvider" extension point can only support 1 ext ...
And two which were bugs were fixed earlier today as they were serious enough to warrant an immediate fix
159575    	nor  	P3  	All  	david.beaurpere@xxxxxxxx
RESO  	FIXE annotation view doesn't auto refresh properly
159577 	nor 	P3 	All 	david.beaurpere@xxxxxxxx 	RESO
FIXE 	annotation view can corrupt the java document it is editing
Our aim here with the JAX WS stuff is to get it to a more usable robust state and these bugs represent our starting point areas that we feel would be best made. I would welcome suggestions if there's stuff you'd like to see done (or indeed contribute) in this area.
WSDL First Mode
Secondly, in terms of provision of a WSDL First Mode for the STP, I'm of a very strong belief that we need to integrate with the WTP editor. I've
  create a bug:
to capture my initial thoughts on how to start about this integration. I'll follow up with Oisin on this to get a conversation started.
Deployment Integration
I'd like to also kick off some discussions here on the integration points with the contributed deployment framework. We have been doing some research here in IONA on this and will be discussing this on the dev list soon.
Build & Packaging
Currently we're not shipping either the deployment framework or the SC code in Integration builds. I plan on updating the build system to address the SC side of things in the next week or so. Bugzilla 159730 raised for this and I'll post to the list once it's done. In addition to this I'm also going to start scheduling weekly builds of the STP going so the download site will start to reflect this activity. If you have any comments / questions on the above feel free to drop me a
Adrian Skehill.
Principal Engineer,
IONA Technologies.
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