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[stp-dev] Fwd: Call for Eclipse tools work items

Input from the Tuscany dev-list on some work items:

Begin forwarded message:

I recently spent some time developing SCA sample applications for Tuscany (working on the WS-I supply-chain scenario, plus some more changes to BigBank that I'll probably drop next week). I have been happily using the Eclipse WTP tools for XSDs and WSDLs but I could have used some good SCA tools to help me write all the SCA artifacts :) so here's my wish list for your STP SCA tooling:

- Get the SCA XSDs registered in the Eclipse XML catalog to get XSD based validation of SCDL files and content assist in the XML editor. That's what I did by hand in my environment and I found it very useful.
- Support for the SCA 0.96 assembly model in the STP core model.
- Introspection of Java and C++ components and Web services to type properties, services and references. - An eclipse validator that provides further validation of my SCDLs (checks SCA wires for example) and provides nice error reporting. - An SCDL editor with more SCA content assist (which will list all interfaces available to you when you create a service or reference or potential targets of a reference for example). - An Eclipse project structure that will allow me to create SCA composites and assemble them... somehow. - A magic button that takes one or more of my projects to the Tuscany runtime, or something that does it in the background without me having to think about it.

When is your next Milestone? When you have something that works with the latest SCA spec level I'll be interested in trying it for my SCA application development and helping test it.

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