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Re: [stp-dev] BPEL 2 Java: Bug Tracking and BPEL 1.1


let me add that all existing bugs for this component can be found in the TPTP section of bugzilla. You may know that the B2J project started of the Choreography project in TPTP. You will find bugs logged there.


Michael.Norman@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:


The relevant people at our end are probably out of circulation this week, so I'll try and respond to this.

I think it is almost impossible that B2J will ever retro-port to BPEL <= 2.0 Hopefully over time the 2.0 specification will become so widely adopted that this is not considered a major problem.

I think Antony tracks bugs as they come in on the newsgroups and/or mailing lists and it may well be that they never end up in Bugzilla, but I wouldn't expect there to be any known outstanding bugs, except in the sense that there are some features of BPEL that remain unsupported.


Sebastian Wirzkowski wrote:

Hi all,

two things:

First: I was wondering whether there was already bug tracking in place for the BPEL 2 Java component. It seems quite unlikely that there aren't any bugs there, but there aren't any to be found in Bugzilla. That is, unless I am searching the wrong place.

I might be using this component for my master's thesis, so I would be willing to post bugfixes as well, if I find the culprit ;)

Second: Does the BJ component support the execution BPEL 1.1. files, as produced, for example, by this editor: ?

thanks a lot,

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