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[stp-dev] IRC Log 31May06

Very Quiet today on the IRC so we canceled the meeting. Here's the transcript.


(17:03:29) askehill: Looks like it's a quiet meeting today, I suppose we'll wait a few more minutes for people to arrive
(17:03:48) DavidBosschaert: Sure
(17:05:40) karlr [n=karlr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] entered the room.
(17:06:10) askehill: Hi Karl
(17:06:14) karlr: Howdy
(17:06:32) askehill: Oisin can't make it today so I'm running the meeting, but it's very quiet!
(17:06:49) karlr: :-) looks like everyone is off doing other things
(17:07:22) karlr: Lets hang around and see if anyone else joins..
(17:07:29) askehill: ok, will do
(17:16:07) askehill: Actually, while we're waiting, I was going to table the idea of moving this meeting to another day of the week, so I'll send a mail to the dev list to see if it's possible. We may even get more people attending! Would you have any objections Karl?
(17:16:30) karlr: Nope that would be ok with me
(17:16:57) karlr: Ok well as no one else is joining, I will go and do something else ...
(17:17:04) karlr left the room.

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