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Re: [stp-dev] Options and strawpoll for build sys: VOTE please!

+1 for option 2


Oisin Hurley <ohurley@xxxxxxxx>
Sent by: stp-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx

04/12/2006 01:17 PM

Please respond to
STP Dev list <stp-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>

STP Dev list <stp-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
[stp-dev] Options and strawpoll for build sys: VOTE please!

(taken from the minutes, options and votes only)

[17:40] mdelder: Option 1:
[17:41] mdelder: /org.eclipse.stp.core
[17:41] mdelder:   features/
[17:41] mdelder:       org.eclipse.stp.core-feature/
[17:41] mdelder:   plugins/
[17:41] mdelder:       org.eclipse.stp.core
[17:41] mdelder:       org.eclipse.stp.core.tests

[17:41] mdelder: Option 2:
[17:41] mdelder: /features
[17:41] mdelder:   org.eclipse.stp.core-feature/
[17:41] mdelder:
[17:41] mdelder: /org.eclipse.stp.core
[17:41] mdelder:   org.eclipse.stp.core
[17:41] mdelder:   org.eclipse.stp.core.tests

Summary of straw poll votes

[17:41] mdelder: +1 on Option 2
[17:42] oisin: +1 on option 1
[17:42] RobCernich: +1, opt 1
[17:42] askehill: +1 on option 2
[17:42] jrohn: +1 on Option 2
[17:47] DavidBosschaert: +0 I'm easy with either option.
[17:47] cctrieloff: +1 on option 2

Option 1 :  2
Option 2 :  4

Ok. If you were not on the IRC and have a opinion on how
the build system could go, or have comments on the options
outlined above, then now is the time to reply and let us
have the benefit of your thoughts. If you are missing context,
go to the thread starting at

for more information.

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