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[stp-dev] commit notice: STP website

STP website has been Phoenix-ized to look like the main site for
top-level pages. Lower-level pages have not got their makeover
yet. Michaels core doco has been included off the CF subproject
page. Minor editorial tweaks have been done for the sake of
clarity and spelling.

I've added a 'website' component to bugzilla and logged bugs
in the areas where I know there is stuff missing or off colo[u]r.
Consider yourselves strongly encouraged to submit bugs under
this component if you find errors, inconsistencies or inaccuracies
on the website. As always check to see that no-one else has posted
a similar bug. Note that you can create a patch and submit it
to bugzilla for incorporation (see [0] for tools requirements).
The website repository is at /cvsroot/org.eclipse and you will
need the following components: stp, and
projects/common to get things going.

Some guidelines:

* Please use stp/template.php as your starting point for new php
pages as it has lots of tags in it, plus example layouts.

* Please enter your HTML in the way that you would like to find
it - i.e. readable :)

* Please use end-tagging: e.g. not <br> but <br />

* If you are loading the XAMPP tool, I strongly recommend that
you don't register Apache2 and MySQL as services! Just run them
as needed from the XAMPP console.

* 3.2M6, PHPeclipse 1.1.8, WTP 1.5a, XAMPP 1.5.1 all seem to work
together fine - diff from the doc at [0] is that the PHPeclipse
update site has moved to [1]. So much for the theory of permanent
URLs :)


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