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[stp-dev] STP Core Documentation

Hello all,

        The STP Core Documentation is now available under the doc/javadoc directory in org.eclipse.stp.core. Start by browsing the /doc/javadoc/index.html which will bring you to some overview documents and the generated form of the javadoc for the relevant API packages. Of course all of this API is experimental at this point, but it will give you an idea of where things are at.

        There isn't a tremendous amount of depth to this first cut of documentation (except in the Javadoc). Instead, I'd like to use it to generate an awareness of what's available, and then get feedback/questions for areas that people are particularly interested. For instance, one of the HOWTO documents that I know we need right now is on how to create a ComponentType Introspector using the Introspection Framework. When the Java Introspector is ready for contribution, this will give you an idea of a full scale Introspector; however for now, the Properties Model used in the tests provides a nice toy Introspector that flexes most of the concepts and functionality.

        If there are questions or requests for more details in certain sections, please post them to the list.

Kind Regards,

Michael D. Elder
Rational Studio / Services Tools Development    
Ext: (919) 543-8356
T/L:  441-8356