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[stem-dev] Reminder: STEM Community Call on June 11th, 9AM Pacific Time

Next STEM Community Call on June 11th, 9AM Pacific Time

Please send any additional new agenda items to STEM-DEV

STEM Community Call

1. Welcome and introductions.

2. three COVID-19  models. Updates to wiki
3. STEM on Cloud (STEM 5.0).                

4. New Bugs: Fix to Server side logger not finding generated compartments
Bug 562978 -         Model Generated class {YOUR_MODEL}EditPlugin$Implementation must instantiate
                                        {YOUR_MODEL}RelativeValueProviderAdapterFactory() in constructor
                Work around for this bug is on the wiki.
                Links to this on the 'logger' page and 'running stem on server' page

5. Eclipse Con scheduled for October 19-22 (Virtual Event). Call for papers deadline is June 15
        Community Day on one of those dates (beginning or end)
6. Items from Participants.
7. Next Call  July 9

Call Info

        Monthly STEM call
        From a Browser:

        phone may not work. Please use browser:
        1-844-531-0958 (United States Toll Free)
        Access Code
        921 496 196 #

        United States Toll

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