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[stem-dev] Minutes from todays STEM Community Call (May 14)

STEM Community Call on May 14, 2020

1. Welcome and introductions.

2. COVID-19 (sars cov-2) models
                Three new sars cov-2 models, one from Dr. Schwarz (NRL)ONR
                Wiki updates are in progress
                Nereyda volunteered to review new doc. Thank you!!
3. STEM on Cloud (STEM 5.0).  
        Ahmad, Code is in new STEM 5.0 branch
        Excellent  progress. See Ahmad's presentation (download from wiki from the page "What's new in STEM"
        Wayne Beaton told us about a new tool to help with CQ's and identify components in need of clearance.
        It looks like the entire Spring framework is already cleared by Eclipse - so no new CQ's needed.
4. New Bugs:
Bug 562978 -         Model Generated class {YOUR_MODEL}EditPlugin$Implementation must instantiate
                                        {YOUR_MODEL}RelativeValueProviderAdapterFactory() in constructor
                Work around for this bug is on the wiki.
                Links to this on the 'logger' page and 'running stem on server' page
5. Items from Participants.
        Many bug fixes recently. Will do a STEM 4.0.1 build soon
        Eclipse Con scheduled for October 19-22 (Virtual Event). Call for papers deadline is June 15
        Community Day on one of those dates (beginning or end)
6. Next Call is scheduled for Thursday, June 11, at 9AM Pacific Time.


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