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[stem-dev] Agenda for community call on October 25, 2018

STEM Users All,


The monthly STEM call will take place this Thursday at 9:00 am Pacific Time.

As always, you are welcome to join us, to share your concerns or raise any issues regarding this open source platform.

If you would like to participate, please email me, judyvdouglas@xxxxxxxxxxx, for call in instructions.


We hope to hear from you,


Judy Douglas for the STEM Community



Agenda for the STEM Call on October 25, 2018


1. STEM Version 4.0 Milestone 1: Target release date December 1, 2018

1.1.Pushing the build to the download page

1.2.Merging the branch

1.3.Eclipse Review meeting


Tasks identified in last call: Version number, build date/timestamp, newly approved splash images added; option to update Global Earth Science climate at;

pre-build ant script adding missing denominator data, plugins; slide deck for Eclipse; mechanism to push to Eclipse (bug 537115)

Work to be done after release: Review/update documentation; eventually add jar file for math 3


2. Project Updates: Emily

2.1. Optional parameters for Pajek graph; updated wiki page (thanks to Christian Thöns)

2.2. Population models—not all described on the wiki

2.3. Slaughterhouse and Food Transformer classes   


3. Bugzilla

3.1. Feature Requests [stem.ui-inbox]

530546: Avoiding misspellings in disease and population decorator 

530549: Warning decorators not editable through the scenario in STEM

3.2. Bug Count Updated 


4. STEM Community Building

4.1. Best Practice: Use stem-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx in all correspondence regarding STEM; need to subscribe to do so

4.2. Query: How many participants saw the Agenda on the stem-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx?

4.3. Intent: Let Eclipse see a log of what our community is doing


5. Items from Participants




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