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[stem-dev] Notes from the STEM Call on September 27, 2018

Members of the STEM Community,


The notes from today’s call appear below, including the date for our call in October. For those of you not able to join us, the call focused on the considerable progress made to date toward STEM Version 4.0 and the challenges and tasks that remain.






Notes from the Community Call on Thursday, September 27, 2018


On the call: Jamie, Ahmad, Stefan, Judy, and (new to the call) Marcel Fuhrmann, a physicist and mathematician at BfR working on network modeling


Next call: Thursday, October 25, 2018, at 9 am Pacific


1. Update on STEM Version 4.0 Milestone 1

*Ahmad: Succeeded in running the generated product locally; to address problems with download has created STEM4Tycho to be compatible with the Tycho build approach and loaded this version to IBM Box

*Jamie: Successfully installed and ran build on Mac; thanks to Ahmad for his work and excellent progress!


2. Build Issues to be Resolved

*Version number and a build date/timestamp to show at launch and during build process: Ahmad

*Newly approved splash images (bug 534480) to be converted to bmp files [Jamie] and installed in Tycho build [Ahmad]

 *Option to update Global Earth Science climate to be added at [Ahmad]

*Pre-build ant script needs to be run to add in missing denominator data, plugins [Ahmad; Jamie & Stefan to assist upon Ahmad’s request]


3. Schedule

*Slide deck prepared, edits from first round of review have been integrated; Stefan to revise bug count; one more review round prior to finalizing [Jamie]

*December 1 target date for release to be preceded by review meeting with Eclipse several weeks prior; both dates depend up mechanism (bug 537115) to push to Eclipse as requested 8/29 and 9/27 [Jamie]

*Future steps: Review/update documentation; eventually add jar file for math 3



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