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[stem-dev] Agenda for the September STEM Community Call

STEM Users All,


The monthly community call is scheduled for this Thursday, September 27, at 9am Pacific Time. As always, we welcome your participation in the conversation. If you would like to join in, please contact me at judyvdouglas@xxxxxxxxxxx for call in instructions.

You’ll receive an update on progress toward STEM Version 4.0 and be welcome to raise any questions you may have regarding STEM.




Agenda for the STEM Call on September 27, 2018


1. Update on STEM Version 4.0 Milestone 1(Jamie, Ahmad, Stefan)

*Build process, testing, and merge

Jenkins server request approved

Push to Git

Integration build on website

*Modified logos approved [bug 534480]

*Release meeting with Eclipse

Slide deck prepared

Meeting scheduled

*Date set for announcement

*Future steps: Review/update documentation; eventually add jar file for math 3


2. Project Updates (Emily)

*Pajek graphs: Specifying dates and rates [For details see stem-dev Digest, Vol 113, issue 1]


3. Awards (Jamie)

*Text and design of awards for committer and contributor of the year

*Nomination process


4. Bugs and Feature Requests 

530858: “Randomize Seed” feature moved to branch; bug marked fixed; Jamie will close 

530546: Avoiding misspellings in disease and population decorator; new, stem.ui-inbox

530549: Warning decorators not editable through the scenario in STEM; new, stem.ui-inbox 


5. Participants



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