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[stem-dev] Testing STEM V4.0

I did a lot of testing with the latest version of STEM4. It is looking really good.
There are only two things I observed that we should try to resolve before the release.
i) the STEM Add-ons url should be added
ii) the nonfatal conflict between two versions of xText (please see last item below).

Downloadable Climate Data:
STEM Climate Data site still missing from menu.
        See: >Help>Install New Software
        "Work With" combo box should display the following default site
        STEM Add-ons -
        When I paste this url in manually and select it, it does correctly download
        and install the necessary plugins.

Testing Downloadable Scenarios:
BeefArgentina Demo works fine

Ebola metamodel and Ebola2 metamodel both regenerate fine (code generator ok)

        StochasticEbolaScenario works fine
        Deter(ministic)EbolaScenario works fine
        EbolaInWestAF3LVL0 scenario works fine        
        Ebola Automatic Experiment FAILED on first Attempt to run with
                An internal error occurred during: "Minimizer algorith".
                org.eclipse.core.runtime.CoreException: Invalid registry object
        After Restarting STEM
        Ebola Automatic Experiment worked fine! (I'm not sure what happened.)

        Basic Scenario works fine
        Automated Experiment fails with:
        CVSscenarioLoader: Cannot find FILE: /Applications/ Simulations/data
        Indeed, the Reference Data folder specified in this downloadable scenario is wrong and it fails because of a problem with the scenario.
        This is NOT a STEM e4 bug but a problem with the properties of the automated experiment configuration. JK to fix.
H7N9 China Scenarios work fine (all three)

MigratoryBirds lattice scenario works fine

Air Travel Edges are back
USA-Mexico Flu model works fine now

Model Generator Testing:
i) Creation of new STEM project works fine
ii) Deletion of new STEM project works fine
iii) Creation of new model gen project works fine. Tested inheritance from SIR
iv) created compartment e
v) added transitions
vi) selected transition (we still see a 'key binding' warning:
Keybinding conflicts occurred.  They may interfere with normal accelerator operation. this is an old bug)
vii) When typing the _expression_ for a transition in the _expression_ editor, type ahead works fine.
viii) I am able to create a seasonal flu as per our demo instructions and run it with the demo package for Cuba and Germany.
ix) I see the following non fatal error:
        Conflicting handlers for org.eclipse.ui.edit.copy: {ActionHandler(RetargetAction(copy))} vs {ActionHandler(org.eclipse.xtext.ui.editor.embedded.TextViewerOperationAction@45a0ba61)}
        I think we may have two versions of xtext installed. We may need both but I expect the action handler needs to point to an explicit latest version....)

Best Regards,

IBM Almaden Research Center, 650 Harry Rd.
San Jose, CA 95120-6099
email: jhkauf@xxxxxxxxxx
phone: (408) 927-2477  (tie 457-2477)

From:        "Ahmad Swaid" <Ahmad.Swaid@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To:        <jhkauf@xxxxxxxxxx>
Cc:        <judy.douglas07@xxxxxxxxx>, <sedlund@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date:        10/17/2018 01:50 PM
Subject:        Antw: testing results and the bmp files you need.

Dear All, this is new version solved all the previous issues, so please do more testing.
The link to the new version on google drive is:

Best regards,
Ahmad Swaid

Ahmad Swaid
Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung
Fachgruppe Lebensmitteltechnologische Verfahren, Warenketten und Produktschutz
Abteilung Biologische Sicherheit
German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment
Unit of Food Technology Processes, Product Chains and Product Protection
Deparment of Biological Safety
Max-Dohrn-Straße 8-10, 10589 Berlin, Germany
Tel. +49 30 18412-1454

>>> "James Kaufman" <jhkauf@xxxxxxxxxx> 12.10.18 19.45 Uhr >>>
Hi Ahmad,

STEM shows a version number now on the splash screen.

We are missing the icon for the simulation perspective (on top right icons
for open perspectives). If should be a little blue eclipse like ball or

Built in data (missing air travel graph edges)
Much of the built in data is back but when I tried to test the "UsaMexico"
downloadable scenario the disease is only spreading by common borders. So
we are missing all the air travel edges (should be part of the generated
graphs data)
If you launch an older stem build, look in the "Graphs" folder, and open
USA, you can see which graph elements should be generated by the build....

Once we get the air travel edges back I can do more testing of the model

Ahmad, Can you please go to the downloadable scenarios page and download
the "UsaMexico" scenario?
This is a good one for you to have to quick integration testing.... The
disease should spread from Mexico to USA by air travel (run the 'no
policy' scenario included).

Please find the two .bmp files you need attached below. I'm sorry about
the delay in sending these. They need to be renamed splash.bmp and put in
the relevant folders....

Best Regards,

IBM Almaden Research Center, 650 Harry Rd.
San Jose, CA 95120-6099
email: jhkauf@xxxxxxxxxx
phone: (408) 927-2477 (tie 457-2477)

//// Wissenschaft im Dienst des Menschen ////

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