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[stem-dev] Pajek graph- specifying dates and rates

Hi all,

I'm now in the final year of my PhD and realised that I urgently need to make a change in my model by using a feature in the pajek graphs that I haven't before. 

My pajek graphs so far have never included the optional parameters specified on the wiki:

Optional parameters:

  • date - specification a of date at which the migration rate is different from the standard value specified in the obligatory parameters. ISO 8601 standard is used (YYYY-MM-DD). This parameter may be used repeatedly.
  • rate - migration rate for the specified date. This parameter may be used repeatedly. The associated date is the last mentioned one.

I've made a dummy pajek graph to test using these optional parameters. However, even though I've specified them, they don't seem to be implemented. 

I first noticed this in my Marketdummy1 scenario, where I specified much higher rates than the baseline rate on particular dates (this is what I'm planning on doing in my model). I would expect that on the specified dates, more sheep would move between certain nodes than on a normal date, but this didn't seem to be happening. 

In Marketdummy2A, I've tried specifying really high rates (e.g. 1 which I think is the maximum), just on the specified days and then have no baseline rate. If it was working, then I would expect there to only be movements on the specified dates. However, there are no movements between nodes at all. 

In case the value "1" was too high to use multiple times, I made the baseline zero again and then this time had a rate of 0.2 on the specified dates (I haven't attached this model, but I've attached the spreadsheet Marketdummy3). There were still no movements between nodes. 

I also tried selecting the options "use global Region Names" and "Move Nodes to Containers" when importing the pajek graph into STEM, just in case this was why the specified dates and rates were not taken into account. Again, no luck.

If anyone can help, then please let me know! I think this might be a bug, but I thought I would check with you before opening one. I have attached the project I was using and the spreadsheet I used to make the pajek graph. This is the spreadsheet that can be downloaded from the wiki and used to produce a net file in Libre Office). I have also attached the net files produced. 

Best wishes,


Emily Nixon
PhD Student


School of Biological Sciences
University of Bristol
Bristol Life Sciences Building
24 Tyndall Avenue
Tel +44 (0)117 394 1389


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