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[stem-dev] Agenda for this week's STEM Community Call

As always, we invite the STEM community of users to join in our monthly call. If you wish to do so, please contact me at judyvdouglas@xxxxxxxxxxx for call in instructions.


The agenda appears below.




Agenda for the STEM Community Call on April 13, 2017 at 9 am Pacific Time


Stefan Edlund will moderate the call


1. STEM 3.0.0 Milestone 5: Release pending solution of problem with launcher on Mac (see item 2)


2. Issues with STEM build on Mac and possible solutions

*New security update on Mac; Eclipse 4 lacks plug-ins to launch. Problem w/ the build, not STEM


*Outstanding issue awaits resolution when resources available (summer intern? post doc?)  


3. Updates

*Documentation on Pajek graphs: Emily to forward emails; Taras to advise users on wiki to use Libra office

*Wiki on model generator and _expression_ language: Stefan to contact Eclipse for original authors lost to hack

*STEM training at BfR: Taras to post on wiki when time allows

*Model development w/ birth & death rates

(a)Time stamp log starts at 0.5 not, 0: Taras to send project to Jamie & Stefan to investigate as possible bug

(b)Once calculated and put into an equation, a user-defined parameter doesn’t show in the different compartments: Jamie suggests creating a dummy compartment for “local variable” to track beyond initial occurrence; Taras & Matthias will post a feature request for logger for user-defined parameters


4. Items from Participants


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