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[stem-dev] STEM- Multipopulation Model

Dear STEM community,
Dear Jamie,
Dear Stefan,

I have two questions:
1:) Is there a way to change the "Label names" of the sub populations in a ageing multipopulational model?
Currently the labels of the sub populations are fixed as "human" by default and you can't change that in the population
wizard GUI or in the properties view. So e.g. if you have an animal disease and you want to create a animal population
with a ageing substructure these sub population are always labeled "humanXX", even if your population describe an ageing
pig or cow population.

Is it possible to combine a "standard" multi-population model with a disease model created with the STEM model creator?
Or the other way round: Is it possible to create a multi-population model with the STEM model creator?

Thank you very much for your support and kind regards,

Taras G√ľnther

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