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[stem-dev] Revised Agenda for Tommorow's STEM Call

Please note new item 4 for discussion added to the agenda


Agenda for the STEM Community Call on April 13, 2017 at 9 am Pacific Time


Stefan will moderate


1. STEM 3.0.0 Milestone 5: Release pending solution of problem with launcher on Mac (see item 2)


2. Issues with STEM build on Mac and possible solutions

*New security update on Mac; Eclipse 4 lacks plug-ins to launch. Problem w/ the build, not STEM


*Outstanding issue awaits resolution when resources available (summer intern? post doc?)  


3. Updates

*Documentation on Pajek graphs: Emily to forward emails; Taras to advise users on wiki to use Libra office

*Wiki on model generator and _expression_ language: Stefan to contact Eclipse for original authors lost to hack

*STEM training at BfR: Taras to post on wiki when time allows

*Model development w/ birth & death rates

(a)Time stamp log starts at 0.5 not, 0: Taras to send project to Jamie & Stefan to investigate as possible bug

(b)Once calculated and put into an equation, a user-defined parameter doesn’t show in the different compartments: Jamie suggests creating a dummy compartment for “local variable” to track beyond initial occurrence; Taras & Matthias will post a feature request for logger for user-defined parameters


4. Bugs

*Mixing edges bug reported by Guenther Taras


5. Items from Participants



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