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[stem-dev] Notes from today's STEM call

Please note modified schedule for March call!


STEM Community Call February 27, 2014

On Call: Jamie, Stefan, Kun, Chris, Judy



Agenda for next call: Monday, March 17

Next call: Thursday, March 27 (unless change in date needed)


1. STEM 2.0.1 is now complete and available (thanks Stefan) 

  • Bug Fixes 
  • Update to Code Generator
  • New Campylobacter Model   

Updated Dengue Models (TO DO: Kun)

2. New Documentation for 2.0.1

==== Campylobacter  

Jamie: Kezban working on paper, will include this and scenario as part of 2.0.2


3. STEM 2.0.2 scheduled for Friday, June 13

==== Mostly bug fixes, no features on To Do lists at Almaden or BfR


4. Update on fixing build after moving STEM to Gerrit

Jamie: Matt helped fix build after move

Stefan: Chris may have to change code, start with new workspace

TO DO: Chris to edit a file and check back in to see if any problems

Jamie: Will keep review process as it is


5. Code Cleanup

TO DO: Over next month, all to do code clean up, report how many warnings are detected and deleted  
6. Items from Participants

Jamie: Will be making commits to wiki and new web site

Jamie: Matt may visit Almaden next month

Judy: Will send out updates on status of PLOS Comp Bio manuscript when available 





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