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[stem-dev] Agenda for STEM call Thursday, March 27



Below is the agenda for the call on Thursday, March 27th. More may be added before call, but this will be the base.

There will be another reminder next week.








1. STEM 2.0.1 complete and available (Bug Fixes; Update to Code Generator; New Campylobacter Model & Doc )  
2. Kun: Updated Dengue Models  

3. STEM 2.0.2 scheduled for Friday, June 13
==== Mostly bug fixes, no features on To Do lists at Almaden or BfR
==== Campylobacter -- Jamie: Kezban working on paper to be included w/ scenario as part of 2.0.2
4. Discussion of feature request from Nereyda (restricting air travel for certain compartments)

5. Code Cleanup
All: Report on code clean up, how many warnings were detected and deleted  

6. Items from Participants 


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