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[stem-dev] Please update your workspace for new SVN commits

Hi All,

We've made several major new commits over the past few days that touch 
most projects in STEM.  Please be sure to update your workspace from SVN 
to reflect these changes.

In addition to the updates, new code has been committed for the new 
loggers framework.  Please check out the following projects:
 - core/org.eclipse.stem.loggers
 - core/org.eclipse.stem.ui.loggers
 - core/org.eclipse.stem.loggers.csv
 - core/org.eclipse.stem.loggers.imagewriter

Also, new dependencies have been added to the STEM Target Platform. Please 
reload the Target Platform before trying to use the loggers (Eclipse 
Preferences -> Plug-in Development -> Target Platforms -> Select the 
active Target Platform and click reload).

Thanks and have a good weekend


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