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[stem-dev] Topics for discussion on this week's STEM call

1) Website migration to GIT (developers will need GIT): Update from Matt

2) Plan for next Release V 1.4.1 is up. You can make changes on the wiki and we will merge with website
Date: Dec 14, 2012
    Bug Fixes from 1.4.0
    Performance improvements
    Polio Vaccination Example
    New STEM Update mechanism ***
    New Food Distribution Analysis view (incubation)
    New Apache library
Plan for V 2.0  
Date: 4/17/13
    Bug Fixes from 1.4.1
    Performance improvements
    Graphical Model Design (GUI for code generation)
    Advanced Dengue Example
    Stochastic Modeling - need to watch apach.math.commons library  
2. New Documentation for 2.0/1.4.1
* New STEM Update Mechanism
* New Doc on Food Distribution View
* Food Distribution view doc
* Need a doc page describing (or linking to descriptions) of different solvers

3. Solvers: Update from Stefan)

4. STEM Update Site: Update from Matt)

4. Bug(s) of the week:
Bug 315252: Should not auto(ant)-build scenarios if map does not exist (Fixed)
New Bug: Need map view dialog with never show me again option informing user if she/he is running scenario that has no spatial information (bland map).

* Werner: Interesting new publication by UK author about pandemics spreading from animals to humans


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