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[stem-dev] Topics for discussion on this week's STEM call

1) 1.4.0 is available (9/25)

2) Plan for next Release V 1.4.1
Date: Dec 14, 2013
   Bug Fixes from 1.4.0
   Performance improvements
   Polio Vaccination Example
   New STEM Update mechanism
   New Food Distribution Analysis view (incubation)
    More solvers from Apache commons
Longer term Plan for V 2.0  
Date: April 17, 2013
   Bug Fixes from 1.4.1
   Performance improvements
   Graphical Model Design (GUI for code generation)
   Advanced Dengue Example
   Stochastic Modeling - need to check new apach.math.commons library?   JK TODO is the bug fix done?
2. New Documentation for 2.0/1.4.1
* New STEM Update Mechanism
* New Doc on Food Distribution View
* ...
3. Bug(s) of the week:
Bug 315252 - Should not auto build scenarios if the map does not exist

4. Items from participants


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