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[stem-dev] Notes from today's STEM community call

STEM Community Call September 8, 2011

On the call: Jamie, Matt, Judy, Kun, Stefan, Werner


Topics of the Week

STEM 1.2.2 released Sept 7

·         Need to show date on website

·         Includes bug fixes from 1.2.1; completed by Chris

·         New, faster accessors

Status on platform change to Indigo and new version of EMF

·         EMF bug remains; attempted fix does not work. Bug occurs when opening 2 generated editors, parent doesn’t show change; will post comment re bug (bug itself is already posted)

·         Awaiting EMF fix by Ed Merck

·         In meantime, will switch to Indigo BUT will not update EMF

STEM workshop in Malaysia

·         Originally planning for December 2011

·         Date delayed; will occur sometime in 2012

Release planning for 1.2.3

·         Will keep date for STEM 1.2.3 ~Nov 21 (RC1 Nov 1)

·         Consensus: still do several weeks of dedicated testing

·         Keep date for 1.3 at 1/07/2012 to allow contribution from Matthias’ group


·         Stefan has done two new pieces of documentation; Judy to review, post on newsgroup

·         New documentation for 1.3 also needed

Dengue model status

·         Chris and Kun are working on this, problem when something goes to zero

·         Jamie: Need to find a steady state value

·         Jamie: Working with faculty @ Johns Hopkins, University of California San Francisco;  they will send a population initializer for mosquitoes that will modulate data; a very complicated disease

Babel language pack CQ

·         Matt: Tracking, nothing to report

Items from participants

·         Jamie: Chris goes back to Germany @ end of September; can Werner add Chris to his proposal to Eclipsecon? If accepted, Chris can report on the latest work; Jamie will be in touch w/ Werner on this (costs, etc.)

·         Matt: Working on loggers

·         Stefan: As mentioned last week, added code for new solvers; has done some testing, some more work needed; when ready, will prepare doc, let Judy know; per Jamie, will look @ dengue

·         Chris: Problem w/ labels solved



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