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[stem-dev] Notes from today's STEM community call

STEM Community Call September 22, 2011

On the call: Jamie, Kun, Stefan, Matt, Chris, Werner, Judy


Topics of the Week

1. Release planning: NO ISSUES WITH ITEMS BELOW
        3A) STEM 1.2.3 ~Nov 21 (RC1 Nov 1)
                * Testing for Malaysia
        3B) Target date for 1.3 is still (1/07/2012)
* Ten years of Earth Science Data (2000-2010) available as STEM
* Malaria Disease Model (''Anopheles'' calibrated)
* Dengue Fever Disease Model (''Aedes'' not yet calibrated)
* Additional NLS + User ability to switch languages
* Logger Framework with new loggers
* Shape File Import Utility (Dependency on Open Map CQ)
* Integrating external models for study of food based transmission
* New Differential Equation solver(s) from commons.math library
* Bug Fixes from 1.2.2
*** Need presentation slides for 1.3

2. New doc needed for 1.3 ?: NO ISSUES WITH ITEMS LISTED
*  Dengue
*  Solvers
*  Initializers
*  Mosquitos VCAP (done)
*  Malaria (done)
*  Loggers

3. Issue/Question from Matthias: Would it be possible to clarify whether KNIME ( is compatible with the eclipse license and one could integrate this into the STEM project? In case it cannot be ruled out right away maybe one could initiate a CQ process?


Answer from by Matt as emailed by Jamie to Matthias: Knime, as a GPL project, cannot be used in an official capacity with the Eclipse-managed, EPL-licensed STEM project.  We cannot build/link against their source code, distribute source that references their source in our

(Eclipse) repository, or distribute their binaries with STEM binaries.


Outside of the official STEM project/repository, it's possible to write plug-ins in Knime that reference STEM.  You could also include STEM plug-in inside of a Knime runtime.  All this is out-of-scope to the Eclipse STEM project.


The Knime Web site mentions that license exceptions may be granted.  It's unlikely they would be willing to grant a license exception for Eclipse, and any exception grant would require a lot of due diligence by Eclipse Legal to make sure the wording is correct.

4. Update on Dengue model status: Chris is running; Kun reported on meeting yesterday regarding simulations and documentation; bug resolved

5. Status of Babel language pack CQ?: NO UPDATE

5. Future Demo Camps in Europe: Re Germany, Chris will explore, see what talks others will be giving; will decide on that basis; can ‘apply’ via writing on wiki

6. Ideas for future STEM demos: NO UPDATE
>FD vs Integration
>Data Import example (playback)
>Data input example (initialize from csv)
>Data logging image and data examples
>Dengue Fever example(s)
> what else?
>>> Can we do a YouTube on each one? Stefan, what did you use to do the screen captures?
>>> Need to plan code freeze November 1st so we have 1 month to build and test scenarios for workshop

7. Items from participants

Stefan/Kun: Fixed bug in dengue fever model

Jamie to Kun: As example, create bug in bugzilla titled “Exceptions thrown when scenario not valid” and put in scenario (as it was when broken), note that it is solved; this will create a place to put items for team to address

Werner: Will visit Almaden on Friday, September 29; will call Jamie before he gets on CalTrain for ride from station   



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