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Re: [starter-dev] Cleanup/Reconiliation

As promised, I have issued a draft PR I would urge you to kindly begin looking at: I am not quite done yet and I will keep working on it. So far I have implemented: the minimal REST example, Jakarta EE version, Jakarta EE profile, Java SE version, runtime choice (including none) and Docker support (as an option).

Unfortunately my wife and daughters are not feeling well and I need to pay some attention to them this weekend. But I do think I have made enough progress for us to able to look and and discuss together.

So far, my sincere view remains that we should proceed with just one Archetype and evaluate carefully how to evolve as we go. That will make life simple overall for us and the users. Really the only slight bit of complexity is in the pom.xml, Dockerfile and generated I believe that can be easily made better if desired by simply separating those files only into runtime specific ones in sub-directories (e.g. payara/pom.xml, glassfish/pom.xml, tomee/pom.xml, etc). Let me know if you would like to see how that looks like. I am happy to attempt it if it helps us move forward.

On 1/1/2023 3:32 PM, reza_rahman@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Per my knowledge, there are no in-flight changes to the Archetypes right now although Bazlur is working on getting the UI up and running.

I would like to start a holistic cleanup process on the Archetype/documentation side right away, quite possibly finishing by next weekend. I aim to essentially reconcile the code base on the decisions made so far and have a clean, cohesive, documented code base to go forward with together. I will do this via PR and notify here so we can all properly review before merging.

I am acknowledging that there is some outstanding disagreement with regards to whether we should have Archetypes per Jakarta EE version right away. I believe I can do most of the cleanup work right now while we determine how to achieve reasonable consensus in a way that aligns with Eclipse Foundation governance principles.

Please let me know in the next few days if there are questions or concerns. This is a non-trivial bit of work but it is essential and long pending.

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