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[starter-dev] Cleanup/Reconiliation

Per my knowledge, there are no in-flight changes to the Archetypes right now although Bazlur is working on getting the UI up and running.

I would like to start a holistic cleanup process on the Archetype/documentation side right away, quite possibly finishing by next weekend. I aim to essentially reconcile the code base on the decisions made so far and have a clean, cohesive, documented code base to go forward with together. I will do this via PR and notify here so we can all properly review before merging.

I am acknowledging that there is some outstanding disagreement with regards to whether we should have Archetypes per Jakarta EE version right away. I believe I can do most of the cleanup work right now while we determine how to achieve reasonable consensus in a way that aligns with Eclipse Foundation governance principles.

Please let me know in the next few days if there are questions or concerns. This is a non-trivial bit of work but it is essential and long pending.

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