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Re: [soc-dev] GSoC 2013

Hi all,

based on my experience last year (to prevent multiple applications of a single person to different projects) I'd be happy to see *some* records of a student in the web, e.g., a git hub repository with some history, a student web page at the university server or some records in social networks that live longer than 4 months.

Eclipse Code Recommenders:

On Feb 21, 2013, at 12:39 PM, Harshana Eranga Martin <harshana05@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi All,
> On 20 February 2013 17:27, Markus Alexander Kuppe
> <> wrote:
>> On 02/19/2013 09:11 PM, Dariusz Luksza wrote:
>>> I would rather say that involvement in project during (or before)
>>> student proposal period should be required from students. I'm not
>>> thinking here of something huge, but simple sings of interested from
>>> student in participating in project like fixing small bug(s), adding
>>> micro improvements to code base or simple activity on mailing list
>>> should be must for accepted students.
>> -1
>> Feel free to use this as a personal guideline when ranking student
>> proposals, but don't make it a general hard requirement.
>> GSoC has the concept of a bonding period already, during which the
>> student is expected to interact with the project. If the student is a
>> no-show, fail him/her then.
> I completely agree with Markus and -1 for a hard requirement on code
> contributions.
> Making code contributions to a project is a compelling idea but for a
> project code is only one aspect. Rather these students can contribute
> good ideas, designs, docs, etc to the project.
> I know there are lot of organizations who make it a hard requirement
> to provide code contributions. But for providing code contributions
> for Eclipse Foundation is not straight forward for a new comer like in
> some other project since basically the student has to learn OSGi,
> Eclipse PDE and so on.
> So there shouldn't be a hard requirement for a code contributions.
> As Markus mentioned, during the Community bonding period students are
> supposed to go through our existing code, familiar with it,
> communicate with committers and mentors, fix some bugs, etc.
> That should provide a good indicator whether the student is a real
> good one or NATO (No Action Talk Only) one.
> If they proved to be NATO, we just need to fail them at the Mid-Term
> because there is ample time to show his interest in the project and
> make contributions before the mid term.
> Thanks and Regards,
> Harshana
>> Markus
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