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Re: [smila-dev] SMILA as Search engine



Hum, I was being a bit too rash.


As it seems, you are correct with your previous assumption: the oneOf filter is just not working as expected. Unfortunately it is doing exactly nothing to the query that is being built but adding an exception that is being quietly ignored. L


I have added a bug report for it: https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=391241


You might work around the current bug by refraining to use a “oneOf” filter until it’s fixed and use the range filter instead by using the value you want to filter for minimum as well as maximum value:

e.g. something like this


            <xsl:variable name="sourceFilter" select="r:Seq[@key='filter']/r:Map[r:Val[@key='attribute']='_source']" />      


            <td colspan="2">

              <input type="text" name="F.min._source" value="{$sourceFilter/r:Val[@key='atLeast']}" />



              <input type="text" name="F.max._source" value="{$sourceFilter/r:Val[@key='atMost']}" />




Now I hope, this is quite a bit closer to what you initially wanted to know (apart from being unable to use the “oneOf” filter properly until it’s fixed, alas L)





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Betreff: [smila-dev] SMILA as Search engine


I started off with the default settings of SMILA, imported two sources with different source-IDs and added the following snippet to my SMILASearchAdvanced.xsl sheet (just below the table row for Mimetype and Extension):




            <td colspan="3">

              <input type="text" name="A._source" value="{$attributes/r:Val[@key='_source']}" />




And I was able to filter the records based on the source ID.


Many thanks to Andreas.


I tried to do what you wrote but it’s still not working. In my case I crawled 2 websites and I gave them dataSourceId trustedcloud and theseus.


The added lines appears in the result-XML

<Map key="query">

<Val key="Content">bmwi</Val>

<Val key="_source">theseus</Val>



The result is different now but

1.       I got more results than without the A._source-parameter

2.       There still results from trustedcloud, but they are now at the end of the result list


I created a page which routes the requests to SMILA, maybe somebody could have a look at it?


http://analytics.pt-dlr.de/  (The results are equal to my …../SMILA/search?style=SMILASearchAdvanced –Template, where I added the A._source-parameter too)



Thank in advance.


Cheers Rene