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[smila-dev] SMILA as Search engine

Hi Andreas,

honestly I have no clue of osgi-frameworks and on the server I installed only the zip-Package for Linux. So I don't actually know how to add the boiler-package into the running version. But fortunatly I can build jar-Packages so I choosed a different way to solve my problem:

1. I added the inline-Tag <noindex> (not <!--noindex-->) into the theseus-websites -> not the best way because the w3c validator don't like it. 
2. I added in the org.eclispe.smila.processing.pipelets.HtmlToTextPipelet.java noindex to the variable "DEFAULT_REMOVE_CONTENT_TAGS"
   (   private static final String[] DEFAULT_REMOVE_CONTENT_TAGS = { "applet", "frame", "object", "script", "style", "noindex" };  )
3. Then I builded the jar-package and I replaced it with them on the server.
4. I recrawled the site and everything is fine :-)

And also I have some notes:
1. The MimeType-field in the searchform is not working correctly. If I choose in the field "Document type" the "Picture" or "PDF", everything is fine. The MimeType for Websites (text/html) is not working. But if I change the value only to "html" it's working. 
2. The field "Extension" does not work. That's why I left it out: http://www.theseus-programm.de/en/75_smila.php?tpl=advanced 
3. In my opinion the score-value is not calculated correctly. It's impossible to have a score more than 100%, especially if I am searching in the advanced form only for pictures (280 %) or pdf (396%). 

But I still have questions:
1. Is it possbile to show titles for images or PDFs? (not important but nice to have)
2. If I am searching for pictures in the advanced form I receive in the english version 184 images and I can see them all if I wander until to the last result page. 
If I am adding a search term,e. g. "bmwi", I have two problems:
   a) I receive more results. (200 results) I think if SMILA can't deal with the images titles the result should be equal or maybe I shouldn't receive any results. Because in this case I guess there is no image called "bmwi".
   b) If I want to go to one of the last result pages SMILA crashes. First I thought it's the fault of my form but in the advanced form delivered by SMILA same results. 

okay, it's enough for now.

Thanks in advance.

bye René