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[smila-dev] SMILA as Search engine

I started off with the default settings of SMILA, imported two sources with different source-IDs and added the following snippet to my SMILASearchAdvanced.xsl sheet (just below the table row for Mimetype and Extension):




            <td colspan="3">

              <input type="text" name="A._source" value="{$attributes/r:Val[@key='_source']}" />




And I was able to filter the records based on the source ID.


Many thanks to Andreas.


I tried to do what you wrote but it’s still not working. In my case I crawled 2 websites and I gave them dataSourceId trustedcloud and theseus.


The added lines appears in the result-XML

<Map key="query">

<Val key="Content">bmwi</Val>

<Val key="_source">theseus</Val>



The result is different now but

1.       I got more results than without the A._source-parameter

2.       There still results from trustedcloud, but they are now at the end of the result list


I created a page which routes the requests to SMILA, maybe somebody could have a look at it?


http://analytics.pt-dlr.de/  (The results are equal to my …../SMILA/search?style=SMILASearchAdvanced –Template, where I added the A._source-parameter too)



Thank in advance.


Cheers Rene