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[scava-dev] [SCAVA ADMIN-UI] JiraBugTrackingSystem Support

Hello Martin, all,

I have just delivered a new release of the admin-ui which includes a support for the Jira Bug tracking projects. The feature will be appeared through the `Register project`  admin-ui web page and also it will be available obvioulsly on docker scava-deployment.
@Martin, could you please take a look on it and provide us a feedbacks ?

On the other hand, I saw that other information sources support have been added gradually on the scava`dev` branch. So, without any sychronization with the involved partners, it's a bit delicate for us as integrators to keeping abreast about them. For that reason I would like invite all the involved partners to address us their requirements in order to intergrate all these stuffs asap.

Thank you,

Best regards,

Amin Boudeffa

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