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[scava-dev] Token Authorities Scava Dashboard

Hello all,


I have delivered a new release of the SCAVA administration web-app which is including a new feature to generate token authorities for the users of the platform.

This feature is dedicated to the Frontendart team in which it will serve the user monitoring component  i.e., an IDE functionality to manage developer activity monitoring data.

The generated token will be used to check if the user is authorized or not to manage these monitoring data.

The Rest API to check the validity of a user has the following signature:


The feature is accessible to the user platform (except the admin super-user) via the “user menu icon” on the header top right => “profile icon” .

Enclosing to the email, you will find some screenshots related to the feature.

I committed all these stuff on the SCAVA repository and surely it will be available on docker deployment. Furthermore, I would like to invite the  Frontendart team to test it and check if everything work as expected.

Also, I did a quick update of the SCAVA developer guide wiki to add the new Rest APIs (here).


Best Regards,

Amin Boudeffa


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