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Re: [rest-dev] [External] : Re: Please release an artifact for inclusion in EE 11 Milestone 1

I very much concur with this.   What is out there now is little more than an incomplete preview of what ultimately needs to be done.   The TCK and corresponding CI will be a challenge and I cannot speak to when a CI could be expected.   I intend on dedicating time to to TCK updates etc. in earnest starting in January, but I share your concerns that the existing schedule is likely too aggressive.   That being said, I’m not sure that we should back out of Jakarta EE 11 prematurely since other specifications (such as CDI, Concurrency, and possibly others) face significant challenges as well.   

Since our Wave 5 schedule isn’t until the end of February perhaps we could formally indicate that our outlook is significantly doubtful to meet that deadline and revisit this at the end of M2.   After all, if the Wave 1 - 4 specs do not meet this deadline the entire schedule will likely need adjusting.

— Jim

On Dec 18, 2023, at 8:42 AM, Santiago Pericasgeertsen <santiago.pericasgeertsen@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


 We should discuss the current schedule for EE 11 and the work left to deliver Jakarta REST 4.0. As I stated in other messages, I’m skeptical we have the manpower to deliver a high-quality release given the current timeframe. My suggestion would be to resolve this first before pushing any artifacts to Maven central.

— Santiago

On Dec 18, 2023, at 9:35 AM, Jim Krueger via rest-dev <rest-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Thanks Ed.

Jakarta Rest Committers,
Does there remain any objections to moving the M1 version at to maven central?    

This is most certainly a preliminary version that is going to be subject to multiple changes in the upcoming months.

Please respond if anyone stills feel that this should not be applied to maven central.


On Dec 18, 2023, at 8:14 AM, Ed Burns via rest-dev <rest-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Executive Summary

Please push out a release to maven central of your API, sources, and javadoc jars with the version number major.minor.micro-M1 where major.minor.micro is ideally what you intend to include in EE 11, but really can be any number you want that is semVer greater than your current release. Every other component spec in EE 11 has already done this. We are holding the entire EE 11 M1 release waiting for jax-rs.


Please excuse the fact that my first email to your community in my role as EE 11 co-release coordinator is so intrusive and demanding. As you know, Arjan and I are trying to do something that hasn't been done before during Jakarta EE release cycles: produce milestone releases on the way to the final release. The decision to produce milestone releases in this way was recorded in the 2023-09-19 platform project meeting minutes. The latest details about this plan are described in this email I sent to spec-project-leads on Wednesday 2023-12-13. This email links to the latest release plan.  In this plan, REST is in Wave 5.
  • We are working on a Milestone 1 release right now. This release is intended to include the latest available spec artifacts for all component specs, released to maven central with -M1 at the end of the version number.
  • We plan to do a Milestone 2 release after the end of January 2024.
    • M2 will have the final versions of all Wave 1, 2, 3, 4 specs for EE 11.
  • We plan to do a Milestone 3 release after the end of February 2024.
    • M3 will have the final versions of all Wave 5 specs, INCLUDING REST
    • We ask for your final artifacts for release review no later than 2024-02-29. 
  • We plan to do a Milestone 4 release after the end of March 2024.
    • M4 will have the final versions of all Wave 6 and 7 specs.
Any spec, including jax-rs, is free to produce as many releases as they want, whenever they want, and we'll just pick up the latest available one at the time we need to do a milestone release.
We leave the door open to do further milestone releases, but we expect that M4 will function as a release candidate.
Ed and Arjan
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