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Re: [rdf4j-dev] SHACL and checking rdfs:Resource

Hi HÃvard,


Seems like it was a (automated ?) translation of the ontology into the SHACL file

(rdfs:range => sh:class, which is perfectly fine for other scenarios,

but in this case the intended rule is more akin to sh:nodeKind sh:IRI or sh:IRIOrLiteral)


Itâs been changed in the SHACL, but Iâll probably have to check other EU Core Vocabularies SHACLs 😊


Thanks for the heads-up on the reasoner, I think the console verify command doesnât enable this by default,

so Iâd better add a toggle or setting (and some documentation)


Best regards




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Hi Bart,


It should match everything as you say. And that might even work if you use it with the RDFS reasoner. Which I have not tried!


There is some rudimentary support for rdfs as part of the shacl standard, namely support for rdfs:subClassOf. Which is implemented. I donât know what they think about rdfs:Resource though. 


In practice, right now, I think it would only match those subjects with explicit type for rdfs:Resource. 



On 18 Jun 2019, at 16:42, Bart Hanssens (BOSA) <bart.hanssens@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:



A quick question about the SHACL validator in 3.0-snapshot, or SHACL In general

Iâve noticed that the new EU DCAT-AP 1.2 has a few shapes with a class constraint like


sh:path â

sh:class rdfs:Resource



which IMHO does not make sense (since rdfs:Resource is, well, anythingâ),

but the validator does seem to generate a violation if this class is not explicitly set.


So would it be appropriate to just ignore this rule in the validator ? Or am I missing something here ?



Best regards



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