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[polarsys-iwg] My feedback


I'm Dimitri Durieux from Cetic, research center dedicated to TIC in Belgium. I perform risk oriented software analysis using mainly Cast and SonarSource tools. I worked on the development of CHOOSE platform, an implementation of the qualoss method to assessment maturity of the OW2 open-source ecosystem.

My feedback on the scales is the following.

The idea to set the score according to a benchmark makes the whole projects scores tend to similar ones. The objective of the maturity assessment initiative you're doing is to improve the maturity/quality of the projects. Some the scale must not depends only on the maturity of the actual projects.

Moreover, outliers must be taken into account in the scaling system mainly if the score is very great.

A solution is to define the maximum (5) to be impossible to reach for every attribute in your quality model. The scaling number can have decimals number.

With this system, you ensure that you can distinguish a score of 3.1 and 3.4 for sample. It is very important to motivate the people to continue to improve the maturity. Every little effort spent on the project to improve quality or maturity can be clearly identified by everybody. It will reinforce the model acceptation.

my 2 cents,

Research Engineer - Software & System Engineering Dpt.
Rue des Frères Wright, 29/3
B-6041 Charleroi
Phone: +32 71 490 767 Mob: +32 494 928 344

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