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[polarsys-iwg] Maturity Assessment meeting minutes


Thank you for joining the Maturity Assessment meeting. Here are a few notes about what was said, and the next steps.

# Next steps

* Take the survey! =>
It will run until the 12th of December. It is important to have as much feedback as possible, so please do not hesitate to share it with your colleagues. It's quick and helpful.

* Monday, the 15th of December, 4pm UTC: Analysis of the review and freezing of the features for the first version of the PMM.
I'll send the phone numbers for the conf as a separate email.

# Scales

A series of scales has been proposed. Their definition depends on the sources of data, so we explained the process for each of them:

As an example we have:
Number of ITS updates (256) => Scale => 4 out of 5 (quite good)

# Aggregation of metrics

We have now a mechanism to aggregate values, from normalised metrics to concepts and quality attributes. Weights can be assigned to each node to increase or decrease their importance in the final mark, by default all nodes are equally important. The mean is used for the aggregation.
The quality model has also been improved to visualise it easily.

# Remarks from participants

The forums or nntp are not being analysed for now, which means that we miss the activity, diversity etc. for projects that do not use mailing lists.

We should differentiate missing data and null values, to measure the confidence in the metric. Needs to be further discussed.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions, send comments, etc.

Have a great week,


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