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Re: [platform-ui-dev] Eclipse HSL controls within Color Picker


On 07/10/2017 07:59 PM, Zorawar S.B. wrote:
Eric, thanks for answering.
It seems like the same color can be different between different platforms. On Linux with Alpha values and on Windows without it.
How do Eclipse controls/applications refer to color values then?
Do they always use RGB internally to be consistent across OSes?
Or they get handle to some object that depending on the OS can return HSL or Alpha value?
Is the HSL value ever considered on Windows for the final color value?

My apologies in advance, I wouldn't know where to start looking in the Eclipse code or make sense of it if it is OS specific.
The color chooser widget is in SWT and is platform specific -- this is the widget that you can click through to pick a color from a wheel/circle/etc. It's what you see in your attached screenshot from earlier.

As for colors themselves, SWT stores its colors in the Color class (found in, which uses RGBA (Red/Green/Blue/Alpha) values. How the color gets translated/parsed/converted from the chooser widget into SWT is platform specific, but all SWT colors use RGBA regardless of platform.

All SWT controls define their colors using the SWT Color class (i.e. RGBA).

Eric Williams
Associate Software Engineer - Eclipse Team
Red Hat

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