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Re: [platform-ui-dev] JNI problem with plug-in project



I can able to manage this problem now.


Actually, If I am running this programme as stand-alone java programme, since the jars are in the classpath (root folder) my programme can understand and execute.


Whereas, for eclipse IDE OSGi needs to know about this class path to execute. To achieve this I have created a plugin project type “Plugin from existing Archieve file”, (here the existing archieve files are the 3rd party jars i.e. jna.jar so on..) and this newly created plugin is managed to maintain the plugin structure.


I have added this plugin in to my plugin’s dependency and problem solved.






From: HariBabu M
Sent: Tuesday, September 07, 2010 5:09 PM
To: 'Eclipse Platform UI component developers list.'
Subject: RE: [platform-ui-dev] JNI problem with plug-in project


Hi Keya,


Thanks for swift reply.


I have the path in my arguments tab. Eclipse is not finding “Kernel32” class from the class path. Google didn’t helped much in this issue L



-Djava.library.path="com/xyz/shortpath/actions/ Hello$CKernel32;com.sun.jna.examples.win32.Kernel32 … … “



NoClassDefFoundError com/sun/jna/examples/win32/Kernel32.



By the way this class is in jna.jar and I have added into native library location of “Build Path” and in java.library.path(above) as well.





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