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Re: [platform-ui-dev] JNI problem with plug-in project

Did you set the java.library.path argument while running under Arguments tab in the Run configuration?

On Tue, Sep 7, 2010 at 12:58 PM, HariBabu M <HariBabu.M@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I am writing a JNI programme to call a windows api “GetShortPathNameA”.


When I am running this programme as standalone java programme, this works fine. However if I run this programme through eclipse plugin. This is giving a problem NoClassDefFoundError at CKernel32.INSTANCE.GetShortPathNameA(filePath, shortt, 256);


Even though the jars are in the class path for java project/plugin project. I am not sure how this will vary from normal java programme to plugin


Please help me what could be gone wrong here.




            public void run(IAction action) {



                                    "Short Path", new Hello().checkInsideFolder());






import com.sun.jna.Native;

import com.sun.jna.examples.win32.Kernel32;


public class Hello {


            public static interface CKernel32 extends Kernel32 {

                        CKernel32 INSTANCE = (CKernel32) Native.loadLibrary("kernel32",



                        int GetShortPathNameA(String LongName, byte[] ShortName, int BufferCount);




            public static String checkInsideFolder() {

                        String filePath = "C:\\Documents and Settings\\harib2\\Desktop\\swupdates.bmp";

                        String shortPath = null;

                        byte[] shortt = new byte[256];

                        int a = 0;

                        try {

                        a = CKernel32.INSTANCE.GetShortPathNameA(filePath, shortt, 256);

                        } catch (Exception e){



                        if (a != 0) {

                                    shortPath = Native.toString(shortt);

                                    return shortPath;

                        } else {

                                    return shortPath;



//          public static void main(String[] args) {

//                      String sample = checkInsideFolder();

//                      System.out.println(sample);

//          }





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