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[platform-ui-dev] Resource Navigator plugin

I have just woken and found there is some work I need to do for 3.6M1

Part of the plan says to move the RN into a separate plugin from the
org.eclipse.ui.ide plugin, probably something like

The thing that I got stuck with is it would seem this would require a new
top-level plugin, and I have heard there is a long hard approval process
required for this sort of thing.  Nothing that's going to happen today.

I also know there are many projects that get around this by having a
top-level plugin that's not related to the plugins that are in the product
(Like p2 for example).

What should I do about this?  And sorry for asking about it at the last
minute.  It only dawned on my a couple of hours ago that I could not do
this by myself.


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