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Re: [platform-ui-dev] Resource Navigator plugin

Hey Francis,

My advice would be to start the process on getting the new plug-in, but wait until after M1 to release it. The last day or two of development on the milestone seems a bit late for such a major refactoring. Also, the rest of the platform UI team is going to be scarce over the next few days after shipping e4, so you might not get the support and feedback you need on it (The IBM Ottawa committers will be away Mon/Tue next week for example). In my view it's always better to get something like this in at the beginning of a milestone to leave lots of time to shake out problems.

As for whether plug-in projects should be top-level folders or not, I suggest bringing that up at a platform UI call, because it's good to be consistent rather than have a mixture of locations for your plug-ins. When the layout is not consistent it can be really hard for people to find the source for a given plug-in if they want to check it out. See for an example of a component that does this (p2 is in the EclipseRT repository which has a very different layout).


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[platform-ui-dev] Resource Navigator plugin

I have just woken and found there is some work I need to do for 3.6M1

Part of the plan says to move the RN into a separate plugin from the
org.eclipse.ui.ide plugin, probably something like

The thing that I got stuck with is it would seem this would require a new
top-level plugin, and I have heard there is a long hard approval process
required for this sort of thing.  Nothing that's going to happen today.

I also know there are many projects that get around this by having a
top-level plugin that's not related to the plugins that are in the product
(Like p2 for example).

What should I do about this?  And sorry for asking about it at the last
minute.  It only dawned on my a couple of hours ago that I could not do
this by myself.


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