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[platform-ui-dev] more bug moving administrivia

I've updated the platform component areas page [1] to include the component "IDE" in addition to "UI" when showing the bugs by component. Our use of the "IDE" component is pretty haphazard. Some component areas have their bugs spread between the two components pretty equally. So for now, we should be using both components in all our queries to keep bugs from falling through the cracks.

My last round of bug moving by component used the older script, and therefore only hit the "UI" bugs. I'm going to do another round of reassignments tomorrow (Wed Jul 15) morning, between 8am and 10am PDT.

When we first changed the triage process for platform UI, we discussed whether we should disable bugzilla mail globally and do one monster transfer of the bugs. We decided against it at the time because not all bug reporters follow the mailing lists and triage process, and we decided that it *is* news if the ownership of a bug you opened changed due to process or due to reassignment of components in the team

That said, I'm giving more warning this time for those of you who would like to modify your own bugzilla email preferences to avoid the spam. Honestly, I couldn't figure out how to do this without potentially missing something important. For those of you who use email filters, I'll try to make sure the text

"As per"

appears in everything I move, so you can filter it out that way.

your local bug flipper,


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