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[platform-ui-dev] Build submission for I20090421-0800

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 87990. [Contributions] SubContributionManager.remove(String) calls itemRemoved on the wrapper, not the original item (FIXED)
+ Bug 89256. [Themes] Poor layout in colors and fonts preference page (ASSIGNED)
+ Bug 201663. [WorkingSets] Working set selection dialog in Project Explorer has conflicting mnemonic keys (FIXED)
+ Bug 208602. [Dialogs] Open Type dialog needs accessible labels (FIXED)
+ Bug 218302. [Help] WorkbenchHelpSystem.desiredHelpSystemId fails (FIXED)
+ Bug 250125. createExistentResourceFromHandle forgets to create children resources (FIXED)
+ Bug 252887. [PropertiesView] REGRESSION: Pressing F1 causes loss of editor properties (FIXED)
+ Bug 262173. [Workbench] [About] ISharedImages.IMG_OBJ_ADD has no Image (NEW)
+ Bug 265422. [FieldAssist] Field assist hint popup border is black (FIXED)
+ Bug 266097. [Commands] NPE in SubActionBars.clearGlobalActionHandlers(..) when view could not be created (FIXED)
+ Bug 268505. [Navigator] Do not deprecate org.eclipse.ui.ide.resourceFilters (FIXED)
+ Bug 268816. [WorkbenchLauncher] 'Workspaces' preference page does not inherit dialog font (FIXED)
+ Bug 270174. [Wizards] Wizard's 'Finish' button is misaligned if there are multiple pages and it cannot be finished early (FIXED)
+ Bug 270658. [Workbench] Workbench.loadImage(String) does not close FileInputStream (FIXED)
+ Bug 271720. [DataBinding] Clarify DateTimeSelectionProperty javadoc with respect to null values (FIXED)
+ Bug 272065. [Trim] Restore detached view over maximized view part throws NullPointerException (FIXED)
+ Bug 272165. [Viewers] Potential NPE in FilteredItemsSelectionDialog.ContentProvider.getFilteredItems (FIXED)
+ Bug 272577. Make use of new SWT API: Shell.setModified() (FIXED)
+ Bug 272732. [Compatibility] Context are needed for key bindings (NEW)
+ Bug 272913. [ActivityMgmt] Dynamically contributed activity extensions are not registering (FIXED)
+ Bug 272914. [ui] Multiple (3) "Software Updates" menu items in Help menu (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

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